Group Introduction

This StorySpace was created as a group effort at a two-week computer camp at Penn State. With two facilitators, Roberta Hammett (the researcher), Christine (a high school teacher), four young women, Heather, Rachel, Jennifer, and Crystal, learned to use a variety of computer multimedia programs to give some information and express some ideas about themselves. The camp participants created home pages for the world wide web, personal hypertexts (in StorySpace), and a group hypertext. In discussion, the girls decided to talk in their group hypertext about sexuality.
The girls decided to research a variety of sub-topics related to the issue of sexuality in the university library and on the world wide web (WebSite1 and WebSite2). These sub-topics included dating, teen pregnancy, sexual discrimination in society in general, sexual discrimination in sports and women in music.
The girls selected pictures and items of interest and self-representation from magazines as a first day activity in the construction of their personal self-identifying hypertexts. The available sources included recent copies (1995-96) of the following magazines: PC Magazine (4 issues), Sports Illustrated (9 issues), New Yorker (6 issues), Atlantic Monthly (3 issues), Fortune (8 issues), Entertainment (15 issues), People Weekly (9 issues), Time (25 issues), Ladies Home Journal (3 issues), Family Circle (2 Issues), Rolling Stone (22 issues), Women's Day (2 issues), and Glamour (1 issue).
None of the girls found herself represented in any way in Fortune, PC Magazine, or New Yorker.