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Hi! You found my home page!
Hey, What's up? I hope you find something you like in here. HAVE A BLAST!

HEY WAZ UP! How are you today! I'm 17 I'm 5'7"and weigh 125.I have blue eyes and brown hair.

  • Here check out my picture.

    I'm a senior at Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School. I enjoy playing pool and hanging out with my friends. Especially at Meadows; It's the hang out place where I live.

  • I'm in a lot of activities in school. I'm a DECA State Officer, It's a program at our school for marketing students (So that just tells you that I'm a marketing student.) I'm also in the National Vocational Honor Society Program. Currently, I'm attending the Penn State Campus for Computer Camp. (That is where this Web Page is coming from.)

    Here our some of my favorite Web Sites.
  • This a Web Site about girls in high school. I think this a very intersting Web page. I hope you like it !!!!!

  • This is another Web Site about women.