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Hey there, thanks for visiting my home page!
I've just included a few things about me and my interests.

I kept quite busy last summer and I will only get busier.

  • I went to a computer camp for two weeks. Our computer work is being analyzed for research as to how women learn about the computer.

  • I also took Drivers Ed. And at the end, I passed. Yippee! Actually I'm pretty good now that I've been driving more often.

  • I went to soccer camp at Rutgers which was really fun! A lot of us from the high school went to the camp.

  • Immediately after that, I went to the Olympics, the Women's Soccer Final!!! It was a really awesome surprise to be invited! The U.S. women made it to the finals and won the Gold!!

  • I tried out for soccer and made the varsity squad. However, my season ended shortly thereafter. In the second game, against Lockhaven, I was purposely pushed down after the play and tore the cartilage in my knee. After surgery, I rehabilitated in three weeks and ended the season with two goals and 3 assists.

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