Crystal's Home Page

Hello, welcome to my home page. If you are a hockey fan you'll enjoy this page and if you're not a hockey fan I hope you'll find something you do like in this page.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip through my home page.


Nice picture, huh? This is my senior picture. So as you can probably figure out I'm going to be a senior starting this year at Hollidaysburg Area senior High School in Pennsylvania. I'm seventeen (soon to be eighteen) and am a major sports freak. In my spare time I like to play softball and watch in-line skating and skateboarding competitions. As you read on you will also realize that I love hockey.

Now is my chance to talk about the best sport around . . . HOCKEY! I told you earlier that if you would read on then you would be able to tell I'm a hockey fan. Let's just put it this way if you haven't realized that I'm a hockey fan yet then you need to get a clue. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I got into watching the Penguins because I live in Pennsylvania and only two hours away from Pittsburgh, not to mention that my favorite player plays for the Pens . . . Jaromir Jagr. Jagr is extremely talented not too mention he isn't that bad looking. You got to love that hair. Throughout this web page you will have the chance to visit the Pens home page plus see a picture of a few famous Penguins.


Wow! Look it's Jaromir Jagr, Marcus Naslund, and Mario Lemieux probably celebrating a goal that Lemieux scored. Mario is an excellant player . Just a little added piece of knowledge . . . if you scramble the letters in Jaromir you come up with Mario Jr. I hope that's true. So far he is showing a great deal of talent.

  • This will take you to the Pittsburgh Penguins home page. In my opinion they are the best team in the NHL.
  • Wow! More Penguin stuff to look at. Too Good to be true.
  • Is ESPN your favorite T.V. station then you would enjoy this link. It leads right into the ESPN Sports Zone. Cool Huh?
  • If you would like to leave me a message you will be able to from this link. It links you into Hockey Chat. Hockey Chat also has alot of interesting conversations about hockey. ENJOY!