Summer 1999

Internet and Multimedia Authoring for the Classroom

Chin-Hsing's home page, by Chin-Hsing
Puerto Rican Literature in English, by William
Arum News --Korean Kindergarten (in Korean and English), by JiHyung
ESL/EFL Resource Home Page, by Jean Louise Ferguson
Le Canada Francophone, by Janel and Lawerence
The Idea Page for Elementary P.E. Teachers, by Tim
The Art of Chinese Food, by Pey-Chewn and Shu-Jen
Literature for Boys about Becoming a Boy, by Sara and Jim
Penns Valley Girl's Cross Country Page, by Coach McCleary
Mrs. B's Website, by Linda B.
Mrs. Spock's Class Page, by Mrs. Spock
Ms. Aston's Class Page, by Ms. Aston
Mr. McMurtrie's Team English Resource Page, by Mr. McMurtrie
Kindergarten Primer: A guide for parents, by Shirley and MeongHe
Larry's Newest Home Page, by Larry
Mrs. Willenbrock's Class Page, by Mrs. Willenbrock
Scied 457 Environmental Science , by Eric
Mass Communications Course Pages, by Justin
LLED 424, by Rod