Here are links to projects created by students in the summer 2010 LLED 597D: Differentiated Instruction with Digital Learning Tools.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and strategies and congratulations on your excellent projects!

Student: Link Email
Amy Anderson Keynote for studio thinking-eight habits of mind project (click mouse to advance through movie)
Erica Cowan

AP Statistics Course in Blackboard
Michael Petner Teachers and Video Games - A Showcase of Opinions
Renee Curtis Scoodle Learning Strategies
Eric Farmer Zimbabwe Curriculum & Zimbabwe Scholars Movie
Kim-Li Kimel Inspiration examples: Research Methods web
Deb Ker Technology Resources and Issues
Rosemary Hagen Scoodle Pages: Paragraphs
Justine Kononov Scoodle Pages Social Studies Honors & Regular
Tina Gibbons

Video Training for MetLife Call Center
Cath Forney

Mettronic Field Employees Resources Website
Sarah Pun Professional TESL Teaching Portfolio
Linda Westrick

Scoodle Pages: Math Practice
Lisa Angelucci Story Map website
Phil Gipe SCASD faculty page & Scoodle Pages: Advanced Earth Science
Jeremy Beers Movie of PFMS Market Madness 2009
Kizzy Nicholas Scoodle Pages: Writing Activities
Courtney Beers Calendar Math Website
Jane Sutterlin Technology Resources and Issues
Stefen Wisniewski Profesional Teaching Portfolio