Here are links to projects created by students in the summer 2009 LLED 597: Internet and Multimedia in the Classroom. Also, check out our Google Group for ideas on projects and resources:

Thanks for sharing your ideas and strategies and congratulations on your excellent projects!

Student: Link Email
Dan Lucas Summer Reading Website
Gina Motter

Archetypes Movie
Ghadah Al Morshedi family movie
Renee Curtis Scoodle Learning Strategies
Jason Lee Nvivo data analysis of World of Warcraft social interactions
Casey Staib Colorblindness in the English Classroom Website
Jill Hetrick Summer Baseball Movie
Rosemary Hagen Scoodle Pages: Paragraphs
Justine Kononov Classroom Pages
Brett Rodkey

Classroom Home Page
Jessica Lehmann

Teacher Home Page
Jonathan Klingeman Romeo & Juliet Website
Sarah Rito

English Projects
Jennifer Cornwell AP American History Website
Suyoung Kang Food and Memory Video
Kaprea Johnson Urban Teen Voices Website
Kizzy Nicholas Math and Writing Page
Mark Ziegler AP European History Homepage
Curt Porter PDS Interactive Inquiry Piccle Course
Hyunmyoung Lee Youtube Pedagogy and digital democracy Piccle Course