Here are links to projects created by students in the summer 2008 LLED 597: Internet and Multimedia in the Classroom.

(Note from Jamie and Christer): Thanks for a wonderful class and congratulations on your excellent projects!)

Student: Link Email
Peg Vlasak 9th Grade classes
Beth Hartman

Class Page in Scoodle
Assma Al Thowaini Arabic School website
Renee Curtis Edgar Allen Poe website
Su-Chau Lin Chinese Culture and Language Website
Leticia Ortega Critical Media Literacy Video
Abdulaziz Althewini Arabic School website
Buthainah Althowaini Arabic School website
Darryl Davies Bankok, Thailand Movie
Bill Tussey

Baseball Tips Movie
Evan Allison

Piccle Course "Books of the Bomb"
Maryanne Cramer Composition Strategies website
Jennifer Evans

Various Multimedia Projects
Becca Thorsen Rhetorical Terms Video
Hsiao-Hui Yang Professional Portfolio
Michael Vuckovich Johnstown School Video (wmv format)
Kim-Li Kimel World History Class website in Scoodle
Elizabeth Delafield World History Class website in Scoodle
Curt Porter Piccle Course
Corey Simmons Testtaking Strategies website
David Fuentes Piccle Course for SCOPE class
Gaie Wilt Title 1 Website
Beth Paterson Class Website for Advanced Biology 1
Hyunmyoung Lee Piccle Course "PDS Interactive Inquiry"
Ray Taft Behavior Management website