Here are links to projects created by students in the summer 2007 LLED 597: Internet and Multimedia in the Classroom.

(Note from Jamie: Thanks for a wonderful class and congratulations on your excellent projects!)

Student: Link Email
David Perez II Professional Portfolio
Beth Hartman

Biography Project Movie
Chihyun An Collaborative Composing Course
Renee Curtis Mathematics Assessment Anchors
Sherri Conard Classroom Homepage
Sunyoung Park Literacy Websites
Kate Pezanowski English Class Website
Mary Lou Manhart PiccleForums
Robert Campbell Antigone and Greek Theater
Kelly Huntington

ESL Home Page for SCASD
Kelly Name Movie
Jennifer Cornwell

History Websites: History & AP European History
Tim Cox Professional Portfolio
Jennifer Evans

Podcasting Website
Becca Thorsen Podcasting English Class Website
Amanda Showers French Class Website
Jeff King Poetry Podcast Website
Calvin Collum School Website
Scott Collins Consequences of Technology