Using Internet and Multimedia Tools in Education

Internet and multimedia tools provide students and teachers with great resources to support learning. Four frames can be used to help integrate these tools into the everyday learning activities of school.

  • Information resources for student research
  • Communication gateway for student to student, class to class, and teacher to teacher discussion
  • Coordinated projects in which students share data (experiment results, local histories and descriptions, responses to a work of literature) across multiple sites, seek connections, construct generalizations, and compare interpretations.
  • Publication of student authored hypermedia to first construct, then to share knowledge with the rest of the world (mostly friends and family).

Many educators have developed pages for students and teachers to use. During the summers since 1995, workshop participants have developed various websites. You can follow the links below to learn how educators are using the internet and multimedia technology tools in various contexts. In addition, here is a list of 490 other places to go to discover how schools on line are using the internet.

Pages by Teachers in the Summer Internet and Multimedia Integration Technology Workshops:

Summer 1995
Summer 1996
Summer 1997
Summer 1998
Summer 1999
Summer 2000
Summer 2001
Summer 2002
Summer 2003
Summer 2004
Summer 2005
Summer 2006
Summer 2007
Summer 2008
Summer 2009
Summer 2010
Summer 2011

If you would like to add a website to these lists, please send your world wide web address to Jamie Myers at Penn State University.