Rising Out of the Ashes

From Ellen Foster:

p. 120 "Now I can turn out to be different too. I could have been a hobo. If my new mom and her girls had been gone on vacation there's no telling where old Ellen might have turned up. If I think about my life like that I can see how lucky I am. Since my first day here all I felt is luck coming my way."


From Phoenix Rising:

p. 178 "I opened the book to the first page...I remembered the first time I'd read to Ezra. I felt so certain he would die in the back room, as Mama had, as Gramp had. Everything had changed since then, and yet nothing had changed."

p. 71 "Could it be only a few days ago I thought the room would win again, that Ezra would die? 'Know what , Shep?' Ezra said. 'I feel like that bird. The phoenix. It burns up, then rises from its ashes.' I listened, watching him. I'd never heard of a bird like that, but now I wouldn't likely forget it."

The entire community had to learn to live again after a nuclear fallout. After being terrified to breathe air and drink water for so long, it was a difficult task to learn how to live again. But Nyle learned to go on through her relationship with Ezra.


From In Country:

p. 245 "Silently, Sam points to the place where Emmet is studying the names low on a panel. He is sitting there crosslegged in front of the wall, and slowly his face bursts into a smile like flames."