Shattered Dreams


Dream Themes From Ellen Foster:

p.72 "It is like when you are sick and you know all the things you ever ate or just wanted to eat are churning in you now and you will be sick to relieve yourself but the relief is a dream you let yourself believe because you know the churning is all there is to you."

p.1 "All I did was wish him dead real hard every now and then. And I can say for a fact that I am better off now than when he was alive."

p.38 "Down the path in the darkness I gather my head and all that is spinning and flying out from under me and wonder oh you just have to wonder what the world has come to."

p.22 "Is she in there? It is all done with lights said the magician. Where is she? Not in the box. You cannot rest in a box."


To hear Langston Hughes' poem, "Dream Deferred," click here. hughes.wav


From Phoenix Rising:

p.48 "...she'd catch us with our mouths full. She'd scold my father, then eat a cookie herself. I don't know why I remembered that, sitting with Ezra. It happened so long ago. Back before my father left, before my mother left. People always leaving."

p.56 "I was six when my mother died. I hardly remember anything before that. There aren't pictures. But I do remember that doll. Mostly Gran and Gramp kept me out of the back bedroom during my mother's illness. Then on day they let me in. I was so eager to see her. I burst in, raced over to the bed. I touched her hand Cold. I'd expected to find my mother sitting up, deep-voiced and smiling. Her withered body barely rippled the sheets. I stepped back, terrified. That was not my mother. That could not be my mother."

p.177 "Ezra lay on the bed, eyes shut, a bandana patterned like the American flag tight around his head...Stepping back, I stared down at the bed. This couldn't be Ezra. But there was the scar."


From In Country:

p.37 "The glow from his cigarette reminded Sam of Mars, the way it popped out in the summer sky, burning bright orange, seeming to move toward the earth."

p.111 "But now, listening to 'All You Need Is Love', she realized how naive the words were. Love didn't even solve things for two people, much less the whole world, she thought."


From Jasmine:

p.123 "It is by now only a passing wave of nausea, this response to the speed of transformation, the fluidity of American character and the American landscape. I feel at times like a stone hurling through diaphanous mist, unable to grab hold, unable to slow myself, yet unwilling to abandon the ride I'm on."

p.25 "We murder who we were so we can rebirth ourselves in the images of dreams."


From Lucy:

p.6 "In books I had read - from time to time when the plot called for it - someone would suffer from homesickness. A person would leave a not very nice situation and go somewhere else, somewhere alot better, and then long to go back where it was not very nice. How impatient I would become with such a person, for I would feel that I was in a not very nice situation myself, and how I wanted to go somewhere else. But now I, too, felt that I wanted to be back where I came from."


The following sound clip is an excerpt from a Sarah McLachlin song entitled "Wait." wait.wav The words are printed at the bottom here.

When all we wanted was the dream
to have & to hold
that precious little thing
like every generation yields
the new born hope unjaded by their years.