Dear Penpal, Hi, my name is Tim Meeker. I have a brother and his name is Sam.

He is a student at Yale and he wants to fight in the Revolutionary War. He is

not very respectful of our father. Sam wants to be in the war, but Father does

not want him to. Sam wants to fight for his freedom from England, but Father i

s loyal to the King. I like my father and my brother, but I don't know which s

ide to be on.

I live in Redding, Connecticut, and my father owns a taproom (kind of like

a tavern). My father is very religious and he is an Anglican. Both my father

and my brother are very stubborn.

Last night, my brother came home from college and he was wearing a uniform.

He came in the door like a real show-off. My father got really angry and start

ed yelling. The pastor and some farmers were eating supper at our house and th

ey heard the argument between my father and brother.

Sam wanted to take the gun with him when he went off to war because he need

ed a weapon. After the argument, I felt really confused because I didn't know

what side to be on. After the fight, I heard my father crying for the first ti

me. I think it is because my father cares so much and doesn't want to see Sam

get hurt.

Your revolutionary friend, Tim Meeker.

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