Dear Pen Pal,

I am really glad that I have someone to write to. My name is Ritchie Perry and

I am a soldier in the U.S. Army. I am stationed in Vietnam, a country that is a

long way from New York City, where I am from. I went into the army right after

I graduated fr

om high school. Vietnam isn't the most fun place to be right now. People from

the north of the country are fighting people from the South. I guess it is like

our Civil War. We are fighting on the side of the South. I really don't know

why I'm here, b

ut my officers tell me I am fighting for democracy.


I'd much rather be home shooting baskets with my little brother Kenny. He is

twelve. I really miss him and my mama, too. War isn't the way it looks in the

movies, I can tell you. The only good thing about it is the friends I have made

in the army. On

e of them is PeeWee. He makes us laugh even when things are really bad. We

are all as close as brothers.


So, tell me what is going on in the World! We really miss the little things in

it, like television and home cooking, our friends and family. Please write

soon. I love to get mail at mail call.



Ritchie Perry

Private, U. S. Army

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