Dear pen pal, Life is hard on our farm. My name is Cassie and I am in

fourthh grade. I have three brothers. Stacey, Christopher John and Little

Man. My father works on the railroad so that we can pay the moorgage and

taxes on our land. We have 400 aces. We are the only black family in our

area to own land. The white familiess dont like this. One day we were on

our way to school when the bus full of white kids almost ran over Little Man

and he had to climb up a hill. His Sunday clothes got all dirty and this

upset him. Miss Crocker gave us used textbooks that the white kids used and

abused. Little Man got up and stomped on the book. Miss Crocker gave him

the switch. I said I'd also rather get the switch than use the book. Some

of our neighbors wwere in a fire and got burned bad. Big Mama who is Pap's

mother went and helped. Today Papa came home from the railroad and brought

a friend with him. His name is Mr. Moorrison and he is really huge like a

giant. He is going to help around the farm. Please send a letter to me

soon. How old are you? Where do you go to school? Sincerely, Cassie Logan

 Pony (1) Pony (2) Ritchie Tim Lois