Dear Pen Pal, My name is Cassie and I am going to tell you a little bit

about myself and my family. I am in fourth grade. I am 10 years old. I

have three brothers, Stacey , Christopher John and Little Man. This is

Little Man's first year of schooland he is really excited. Our mother is a

school techer. Me and Little Man's teacher is Miss Crhocker. When we were

all walking to school a couple days ago Little Man got covered with dust

when the white studentss' school bus went by. Little Man got mad beccause

he was proud of his clothes. He started to cry but wiped his eyes before

T.J. and Stacey could see him. After the school bell rings that means

there is no more freedom for us. Me and Little Man are very proud because

we are finally getting our very own textbook. As i was looking through the

book I saw a stamp that had all white students that had the book when it was

in good shape. Now it is in very poor shape and the black kids get it. We

are the last people to use the book. Little Man realized that we are the

last people to get it after reading the stamp. He got mad and threew the

book on the ground and stomped on it. LIttle Man told Miss Crocker that he

didn't want the book because it was dirty. Miss Crocker said Little Man

waas going to get a whipping. I laid my book on the desk and said I didn't

want it eighter. My mother glued a piece of paper over the stamp so we

wouldn't see it anymore. We heard that some neighbors had got their house

burned down. Big Mama went to help be a nurse. It is only blak people

whose houses are getting their houses burned down. Sorry I got to go now.

Write back soon. Sincerely, your pen pal, Cassie Logan

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