The Journey. A movie by Carla Akin and Aaron Anthony

Incorporating texts: Lowry's The Giver, Myers' Fallen Angels, and Markandaya's Nectar in a Sieve

Rukmani takes her journey along side her husband to find a home, to find her family. The land she's known no longer seems on her side.

Soldiers in the Vietnam War take their lives, packed in duffle bags and carry on from land to land, always knowing that while they will return home, they will never be back to the place they left.

Jonas rides his bicycle Elsewhere...away from the community, into the color, into the music...he becomes a nurturer, a laborer. He becomes the Giver.

keeping in the theme of "the journey," these three texts blend in and of themselves. view the movie to see how we used the media around us to further highlight the motif chosen.