Same in Blues

Langston Hughes, 1951


I said to my baby,

Baby, take it slow.

I can't, she said, I can't!

I got to go!


There's a certain

amount of traveling

in a dream deferred.


Lulu said to Leonard,

I want a diamond ring.

Leonard said to Lulu,

You won't get a goddam thing!


A certain

amount of nothing

in a dream deferred.


Daddy, daddy, daddy,

All I want is you.

You can have me, baby--

but my lovin' days is through.Photo.


A certain

amount of impotence

in a dream deferred.


Three parties

On my party line--

But that third party,

Lord, ain't mine!


There's liable

to be confusion

in a dream deferred.


From river to river

Uptown and down,

There's liable to be confusion

when a dream gets kicked around.