Five classes of students authored their Community movies over 9 class days. Brief descriptions and images below document the process. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Day 1: (in classroom) students interviewed each other to find answers to questions like "What makes up a community?" "What strengthens and weakens a community?" "What five words describe a community?" "How are communities formed?"  
Day 2: (in classroom) students formed small groups and identified a theme, or key idea about community for their movie focus. They began to list images, music, and words that would illustrate their idea. Assigned to bring in images for Day 3.  
Day 3: (in library) each small group had a digital camera to take pictures of images from magazines, books, self, and the school surroundings. Groups transferred their images to iPhoto on the macintosh computer for their group. Teachers printed out a "contact" sheet of their photos for the next day's activity.
Day 4: (in classroom) groups storyboarded their movie by cutting out images and taping them in order. The groups focused on the words they would include in their movie. All students wrote sentences of their thoughts about their movie theme. They looked in books for quotes. They were encouraged to find words that both went with their images and words that spoke against their images.
Day 5: (in library) groups began to use iMovie to sequence their images in the timeline. They learned to zoom and pan pictures and add transitions.
Day 6: (in library) groups continued to edit movies. They learned to add text to the images and to black screens. Some sought additional images and added them to their movie.
Day 7: (in library) editing continued with the adding of music. Students learned to control the volume of sound.
Day 8: (in library) groups completed editing and movies were exported using the automatic formatting for CD-Rom.
Day 9: (in classroom) Movie festival and reflective writing on the experience.