How to Choose Stories with Puerto Rican Themes




    Do the characters represented in the story accurately display the diversity within the Puerto Rican community? 


  • Were the characters constructed free of stereotypes or from biases based on race, gender, class, age, etc.?


  • Are both English and Spanish, as used by  the characters, valued as equals?




  • PLOT

    Does the story accurately represent the history, customs, and family traditions of the Puerto Rican people on and off the island?


        Does the plot reveal a universal message?  Remember- good literature has a strong plot and believable characters. The story should be worth revisiting over and over again.


  • Which are the predominant themes in these stories and how do they connect with other subject areas?





    Are the places and historical era described by the words and pictures used in the story accurate - showing respect and sensitivity?


  • Are Puerto Rican women in present-day settings presented authentically; reflecting contemporary roles?



  • Are certain places that could have been presented by the words and pictures absent? Why might this be?




    Do the words and pictures used to represent Puerto Rico/ Puerto Ricans feel realistic, dispelling stereotypes?


  • Is there any indication within the book that the storyteller has had some previous familiarity with Puerto Rico?



William Garcia Cardona, 1999