THE NATE MOVIE, on "Same In Blues" by Langston Hughes, interpreted by participants in the National Association of Teachers of English Workshop, Warwick, England, April 4, 2008. This movie illustrates the power of re-presentation, as we layerd the poem with successive interpretations through design choices about voice, tableau, juxtaposed quotations, and the text itself to author a quicktime video of the poem.

Examples of the integration of technology tools in English teacher's classrooms

Sarah Rito's Grade 10 English Class Home Page 2006-2008

Montage Discussions on A Separate Peace, by John Knowles (podcasting)

Andy Cunningham's Grade 7 - 8 English Class Home Page 2007-08

Persuasive Essays (podcasting)

Where I'm From Poems (podcasting)

Early British literary works (Comic Life graphic novels)

Allison Becker's Grade 12 English, 2006-07

Persuasive Videos on ideas from Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley

Veronica Iacobazzo

Character Analysis Videos on Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck

PiccleForum Website for discussion (course catalog)

Catcher in the Rye, Grade 10, Corey Obrien, Baltimore
-- Discuss Values, Language Barriers; my 2 cents

Macbeth, Grade 10, Erin McDonnell & Gina Motter, State College
-- So what do you think

Anne Frank, Grade 7-8, Morgan Ilgen, State College
-- Anne Frank Discussion 1; Anne and Peter

International Dialogue-Short stories, Grade 11, Sweden and United States
-- Accept everyone, even racist!!!!; Adjö Means Goodbye; Adjö Means Goodbye; The new accept everyone

Intermediate School Reading Club, Mrs. Janusz, Spring Grove
-- Double Identity; Jonathan Schumacher

Mr. Reck's Communication Arts, Spring Grove
-- If I could change anything; SSR Roll call

Greek Mythology, Grade 7, Lindsay Grosso, State College

Poetry Slam, Lindsay Grosso, Spring Grove
-- Dead

Memoirs, Lindsay Grosso, State College
-- Let the story begin

Critial Analysis of Film, university teacher education students, Sweden, Korea, United States

Reading stories in translation, university teacher education students, Spain and United States
-- A reflection about the text; connections

Responding to English-Spanish Stories, university teacher education students, Spain and United States

Children's Worlds in Novels: Bless me Ultima & Popular Music in Vittula, university teacher education students, Sweden and United States
-- Children's perspectives; Separate realities; A sad childhood, Antonios courageous heart!; Beer and older girls; Brothers; Different worlds-one country; Nilla stays so silent; swedish crazy blondes or american cheerleaders-do they exist

Pippi Longstocking, univeristy teacher education students, Sweden and United States
-- Discuss Pippi Longstocking; Pippi Thread 1; Pippi Thread 2; Pippi Thread 3; Tommy and Annika